Summer Goals

I decided to give our summer just a little bit of structure this year by having everyone in the family come up with a few goals. I really do like the open time of summer – nowhere to be at certain times for the most part – but I was afraid we’d get a little too . . . Well, lazy. I have a tendency to let us hang around the house a lot and do a whole lot of nothing if I can.

So I had us all come up with a few things we’d like to learn. It started off with our reading of Little House In The Big Woods. The boys were fascinated by this book, which made me so happy. By around the middle of it, Sam started saying he wanted to learn to sew. And this isn’t the first time he has talked about wanting to make clothes. So I figured, what better time to learn a new skill than the summer?

Robby wanted to “become a singer” and work on his swimming. He also hopped on board with the sewing. Hubby and I are doing Couch to 5k and are about to start week three.

And I’ve found that just having these few goals has provided a lot to do to keep the days rolling. There are trips to the library for sewing books, reading time, music/piano practice, yoga/stretching with mommy, outdoor time and gardening, and the pool. Most importantly, it gives me an answer to the dreaded, “I’m bored.”

And Matt has set his sights quite high: he wants to learn to walk.

Odder Even

It was apparently quiz time in the car this morning as we drove my husband to the train station after finding out his car wouldn’t start. (Always an excellent start to the day, btw)

Sam: “Robby, is 50 odd or even?”

Robby: “yes.”

Me: “Good answer!”

Sam: “No! It’s one or the other. Robby, you have to say it’s odd or even.”

Robby: “Otter.”


A Mom to Three Boys

Last night I was telling my husband that I was afraid that I am going to forget this. I’m afraid that, in a few years, I’ll not remember what a sweet baby Matthew is, how happy he is, how often he smiles.  Because I don’t feel like I remember enough about Robby’s infancy, and now he’s so big! And the time four years ago seems like a haze, similar to the way the days feel right now.

So I spent some time reading last night, reading right here, on this old little blog I had. And I saw pictures I’d forgotten existed and stories about Robby and Sam that I didn’t remember at all. Little notes about our days that were all part of that hazy time.

And I realized I should start again, for no other reason than to document what is happening here with a new addition to our family and three boys who get older each day.

boys on a rug

They Win

We named him Matthew, just what his brothers wanted.


all the boys

matthew's car ride

three brothers

What’s ‘is Name?

I think Sam may have named the baby the other day. We were talking about when his brother would arrive – “In about six weeks.”

“But are you counting today?”


“Are you counting the day he is born?”


“So really it’s less than six weeks. It’s more like five weeks . . .”

Sam is a very literal, very specific child.

Anyway, during this discussion he referred to his brother by a name. It was one we’ve discussed, all of us, over the past few weeks. It was one that is on the narrowed down “potential name list.” I guess he just chose the one he liked the most and went with it.

Then a day later, Robby started doing the same thing. So now when they talk about our family’s baby, he is not nameless anymore, not “the baby,” or “our brother.” He is very specifically, very decidedly named.

And while I’m not ready to commit to it just yet (we usually try and have a few names in mind until we meet our baby, and then we just trust that we’ll know what his name is), I can say that I just found myself on a table watching an ultrasound take place, and thinking of this boy by that name. The name his brothers have given him. This baby who already has fat roles that are clearly visible (I told you he was freaking huge) and a head of hair that is also visible, had a name in my mind, too.

And his brothers are ready to greet him and tell him what it is.

sam and robby

See, they’re ready.

crazy sam and robby

In about six weeks . . . or maybe it’s more like five.

I Thought Ya’ll Should Know…

I’m having a baby in less than 7 weeks.

And it’s a boy, our third.


And whether or not that explains my unexplained absence, I don’t know. I think we’ve been in survival mode over here for the past several months, if that makes sense.

So I want you to know that I’m sorry I disappeared, and I hope this is enough to bring me back, just sucking it up and writing a short post to say hello.

Hello . . . I’m freaking huge.

Water, Water, Everywhere

So, imagine, if you will, that you have this bookshelf. And on this book shelf you house all of your photo albums. All of your old photo negatives. Your boxes of memorabilia from high school and college. Diplomas. Baby books for each of your children. Your wedding album.

Maybe it’s no so difficult to imagine – you probably have a bookshelf like this.

Now, picture, please, a water pipe bursting in the ceiling directly over this shelf (above the valve that leads to the outside hose, so this was not technically our fault). It happens in the morning, but because no one ever really goes down into this office/mancave, the steady stream of water that is pouring down the wall and from the ceiling is not discovered until around 9:00 that evening.

And now you’ve successfully envisioned what my husband and I were doing at 9:01 through the wee hours last night.