Speed 3: Just Like Speed, But In A Car and Kind Of Slow

I have an idea for a Speed 3 movie. It’s a mom driving around a mall parking lot, unable to stop at any stop signs because if the car so much as slows down then one of the two boys in the back seat will wake up and scream. And as any mom of two knows (me now being one of them), it’s virtually impossible to get them both to nap at the same time, so it’s well worth breaking the law and aimlessly driving around in order to keep that nap going.

Included in the movie will be the scene where my mother has to open the car door and pretty much jump out of the moving vehicle to run in and get our Clinique bonus, and then leap back into the car as I roll by to pick her up, speeding away before the door is even closed.

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  1. Now THAT is a movie I’d go to see! ;)

  2. *Shudder*
    I know how this ends though, and it ain’t pretty. It involves diaper explosions, scenes of torture by sleep deprivation, and merciless terrorists.

  3. HA!! Been there.

  4. well, at least you maintain a sense of humor about it!!! good for you.
    i love the Clinque action sequence!

  5. Hee hee…. My daughter gave up naps at 2 years old, so right around the time her little brother was born she went napless and never went back! Unfortunately I don’t think I will know what free time is until the youngest starts school…. and that one isn’t even due until May! That’s right, we just found out we are expecting #3!!!!!

  6. you need sleep! ;)

    Ps- going to see Morrisey again!!!- he’s coming to a local hotel theater though and mu hubby says that means he’s officially a washed up has been. Say it ain’t so!

  7. Oh, I’ve been there! Mira can tell when the car is going anywhere under 60 mph, and will wake up when it falls below the 60 threshold. Ugh.

  8. You need an accomplice!

  9. What a great movie, all us mommies would laugh our a**es off! I remember when my kids were on different nap schedules. When Laurel hit 5 months (I think that’s right according to my sad memory), I finally got her down to two naps, and made Ian take an afternoon nap the same time as her. Hope you can get there soon.

    By the way, I’m giving you an award. Thanks for sharing the sweet stories of your family. When you get a moment (ha) come see.

  10. Oh man. Keep snacks in the car for you to munch on so that you can cruise for an hour or so. And find out where the longest stretches of country roads are!

  11. Funny!

  12. I think you need a babysit that enables you to get some rest?

    …it’ll get better! I promise.

  13. LOL!! Only a parent would laugh and nod their head at that! :)

  14. If I know a producer, I’ll pitch in your story. :)



  15. There are some brick roads around our suburb. When my kids were young I would head towards the bumpy bricks…worked like a sleeping pill. Loved the image of your mom risking limbs to catch the Clinique bonus!

    Check out my blog if you get a chance…I have a link to my attempt at humor on ebay.

  16. Ah yes, I know all about that! Glad you have someone there to grab the Clinique bonus for you, though!

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