What’d he say Wednesday (on Thursday) – Sleep talk

A few nights ago we heard Sam yelling in his bed. I ran in to see if I could help him back to sleep. He was dreaming, having a nightmare I suppose, and he often talks in his sleep. And he kept crying, “That mine! Give it back!” It wasn’t in the way he would usually say something like that when awake; he was more sad and less angry. He seemed truly upset and hurt by whatever was happening in his mind. I got him back to sleep in just a few minutes, but it left me very sad.

I know we can’t shield our kids from everything and that it’s not healthy to do so anyway. But as I walked out of his room I couldn’t help but wonder where in his life he is experiencing a situation that would cause him to have nightmares about people taking things from him. He goes to school for a whopping four hours a week. He loves it and never wants to come home. His teachers talk about what a great day he had every time I pick him up. And those four hours are the only time that he isn’t with me during the week. I just wish I knew who he was speaking to in his dream, what they had taken, and most of all, what I could do to fix it.

It’s hard to let go.


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  1. kelli in the mirror

    I’m always interested in sleep talk. My husband and daughter both do it on a regular basis. I woke up this morning to find my girl in the bed with me, laughing hysterically in her sleep. And the other day she was yelling about dog poop.

    Does he remember things when he wakes up? She almost never does, but I usually start a conversation with her about the things I heard her say, just to see what she says.

  2. Oh, poor baby!

    You know? It may not have anything to do with school… Perhaps he’s having jealousy issues with his little sister (forgive me if he has a baby brother, and I misremembered), and they’re coming out in his dreams?

    He’s a preschooler, and it’s a bummer that he’d have anxiety dreams at all, but dreams are powerful things. And it’s normal for them to start having nightmares at this age, hard as it is. :(

    For what it’s worth. (I’m likely full of poo… I have lots of anxiety dreams myself, and may be “projecting” or something.)

    I hope you both feel better soon.

  3. I know how you feel. Jude has the same exact kinds of nightmares. It’s the only kind of nightmare he has. He wakes up angry and sad. But, in his dreams, it’s always me who took the item from him!

    He wakes up crying, saying, “Give my shark back to me, Mama! Where did you put it??” He really doesn’t understand that it wasn’t real, at least not until he’s fully awake. I think it’s kind of funny that it always seems to be me taking things from him, though. Maybe I need to chill out a bit. :)

    Anyway, so apparently this is normal. I don’t think it means they’re being tramatized during the day, just that they, like us, have nightmares about their biggest fears. I guess their biggest fear is that their toys will be taken away. Makes sense.

  4. Poor guy, and poor mom. Boy, if there is one thing you can’t control it’s his dreams! :)

    Without knowing what I was talking about, I’d say it’s probably totally normal. But if it makes you feel better you could talk to him just generally about how it’s nice to share, but some kids don’t like to… that’s what I’d do anyway. Good luck and sweet dreams!

  5. Yep. Miss A had her first (and hopefully last) night terror last Saturday. It is an awful, awful feeling to have an upset kid and not really be able to help them at all. I hope Sam rarely has bad dreams for both your sake and his.