Planet pillows

When I was in college, a friend and I decided to drive from Ohio to Boston for an audition, and then on to Florida for our spring break. There was much overnight driving, but one of the nights we decided around 3:00am that we needed to sleep in a bed, so we pulled over to the first motel we saw. When we got inside and turned down the sheets of our lovely beds we found several dead bug carcasses. And the “pillows” were simply pillowcases stuffed with shredded newspaper. Hey, at least they were recycling. Gross.

I look forward to doing a lot of reading today and getting some good ideas for our family to keep on truckin’ with our green endeavor. Here’s are some of the things we’ve incorporated over the past year.

No more paper napkins – only cloth. Got them on sale. Love ‘em.

Have switched to only eco-friendly, non-toxic household cleaners, detergents, and bath products.

Used this website to find out where we could recycle paper goods because they aren’t picked up in our area, only plastics, metals and glass. Now we have a paper recycling bin and we go drop all of it off every month or so. We create so much less waste now because we even break down food boxes to be included. It’s amazing how much of our trash was recycleable if we just went that extra little step.

When I pack snacks and picnics I use containers instead of plastic baggies. We also don’t use juice boxes or bottled water and, instead, refill our own bottles and cups.

Canvas bags for all shopping. And I love them. They hold so much and make it so much easier to carry everything! Imagine, being able to carry a grocery bag on your shoulder because it has straps. Aaaaahhhh.

No fast food. No, no, no.

We started using the library instead of buying books. Books do not have to be trophies to be displayed. No, they’re not, Hubby! When we do need to buy a book we buy it used online.

Dish cloths instead of paper towels. This is one of my weaknesses. I’m not 100% on it yet, unfortunately.

Switched over to CFL bulbs as our light bulbs died.

We buy organic whenever we can. Our grocery store actually has a relatively new store brand organic line that includes tons of products that are typically priced close to regular brand items. And it’s all great quality stuff, so that’s how we do our milk, ketchup, eggs, and anything that is comparable in price to its non-organic counterpart. I also use a list like this because we can’t afford to buy all of our produce organic.

We don’t throw out anything that could be donated or put up on freecycle.

Unplug all appliances when not in use.

Happy Earth Day, all. Looking forward to sharing and learning more.


And Seattle Mom Blogs is doing some great giveaways (even for those of us not in Seattle), so head on over.

3 Responses

  1. And don’t forget – we got our car’s oil changed and the tire air pressure checked, which is important for saving gas.

  2. What a great list! We have also incorporated lots of those things. What types of cleaners are you using? They don’t seem to have alot of “green” ones at our store.


  3. It’s relatively easy once you start, isn’t it?