Boys In a Box

We have so much unpacking to do.  Thankfully the boys have been really helpful…

boys in box2

boys in box

boys in box3

12 Responses

  1. FUN! Throw some packing peanuts in there and I guarantee you hours of uninterrupted unpacking time.

  2. You and your husband produce beautiful kids!



    And whoah, are those wooden parquet floors or tile? Cannot tell from this angle.

  4. Whew, I’m SO GLAD you remembered to pack them! ;)

    The good thing about unpacking is that you can do it at your leisure — there’s no mad rush to get it all done by a certain date. The bad thing about unpacking is that this means (if you are a procrastinator, like I am) that it’s usually several months to a year before every last box is unpacked. Either way, the worst is behind you. :) Congrats.

  5. So cute! So contained!

    Boxes rock.

  6. Why do we bother spending money on toys?

  7. Ahhh… that’s so sweet. Thanks for sharing those. :)

  8. Don’t you think it’s so funny how a little one can just be so fun and have such a good time? Just look at your boys’ faces, that’s gold right there. They are so cute! And obviously having such a great time.

  9. Bon – Wood parquet. Oddly enough my husband doesn’t like them and is already talking about redoing the floors.

    Jamie – That would be true except for the fact that we decided for some insane reason to host Sam’s birthday party here THIS SATURDAY!

  10. Hey! I see on Mom Select that you live in the Philadelphia area. We are planning a Philly Mom Blogger get together on June 13 in King of Prussia. We’d love for you to join us, and pass on the info if you know anyone else in the area who might like to attend.

    Email me if you want more info!

  11. I meant Mama Speaks. SORRY! :-)

  12. Very cute! And the funny thing is that years from now, they won’t believe you when you tease them about how much fun a box is. Good thing that you got such precious photos to back up your story. :)