What’s Up?

Here’s what’s up with us as of late – it’s been hectic.

**When Sam eats something he likes he says it makes “His axels tingle!”

**He starts pre-school in 2 days. I know I’m supposed to be all nostalgic and touched that my baby is heading off to school, but honestly, I’m so not. I just want him to like it and have a good time. I’m happy for him, more than anything else. I suppose we’ll see how I am on Tuesday . . .

** Robby can walk!

** Today I took the kids out for a walk. I wore the shorts I wear just about every day. Upon sitting down after our return I discovered a HUGE, GAPING hole in them, right on my ASS. I have no idea when this occurred. And yes. Yes, I did interact with people on this walk. And come to think of it, I have a vague recollection of a car that hovered behind us for way too long.

** The other day when we were all at the mall I decided to head into V’s Secret for a little sumpin’ sumpin’. While trying on a multitude of things in the dressing room, the woman who was helping me came back and asked if I needed any other stuff, etc. I said I needed a such and such in medium. And then she looked down and said, “Well, I’m a large.” And we stared at each other. I guess she felt because she was a large that it was ok to tell me I was too? And I’m fine if I am a large, but I’m thinking it is not so wise for a salesperson to tell a patron they are bigger than they think they are, you know? Let them figure it out for themselves.

So I turned around and retrieved a such-and-such that fit, but was in the wrong color. I handed it to her and said, “I want this but in black, please.” She said, “In a large?” And I said, “I want whatever size that one is, because it fits.” At which point she looked at the tag. It was a medium.

**I’ve started the Twilight series. Got the first book on Friday. Have read 400 pages in 48 hours. Um, I like it. Thank you, Dawn (who told me directly that I had to read it) and Misty (who I think I remember talking about it briefly).

** Someone save me, Hubby has started a blog. It’s a comic book blog. And then he installed sitemeter, and proceeded to tell me about his stats every hour or so. And he started getting packages in the mail every single day full of comic books that companies wanted him to review on his blog. And within the first week or two he was getting like 1500 hits a day. And then I felt some serious blog envy, which was extremely disconcerting. And I think that’s why I’ve backed off on the blog thing a bit for the past few weeks (not really commenting much, not writing real posts . . . not that this is a real post . . .). I was a little confused and had to take a wee break to evaluate though, you know? I think I’ll ask ya’ll about blog envy with my next bloggy question post. And yes, I’m very happy about his blog success, by the way. It was just a brief, but fairly strong, pang. **edited to add: Hubby just informed me that his site has pulled in over 2000 hits so far today. I’m feeling a bit green again . . .

** We just had a Spice Girls dance party in our living room.

**Remember how much I rocked with my most awesome of Birthday gifts for Hubby, tickets to the Men’s Final for the US Open (that’s tennis, people)? Well, not so much. First, it turned out that the match wasn’t at the time I thought it was; the ticket is for 12:00, but the men’s final was actually going to follow the women’s doubles, so it wouldn’t really start until 4:30 or so. Then it turned out it wasn’t where I thought it was either, because the arena that Hubby always pointed out on our way to the in-laws saying, “That’s where the US Open takes place,” well, no, actually, it doesn’t. It’s actually much further away and in a much more difficult to reach location (ie, major traffic area on Long Island). And so, what was supposed to be a 6 hour trip away was turning into a 10-12 hour trip with us returning very late at night, which made me totally uncomfortable about leaving the babes. So after about 3 days of intense discussion over what to do, what the best plan was, we decided I shouldn’t go with Hubby, and he should meet his dad there and see the match with him so that he wouldn’t have to worry about the time.

But then, and any of you that follow tennis or are aware of the whole hurricane thing know this, play was suspended on Saturday due to weather. So, instead of sitting at the Men’s Finals right now, Hubby doesn’t even get to go, because the match was rescheduled for tomorrow, during Hubby’s first day at his orientation for his new job. We gave the tickets to his dad, and because all of us had gone in on this gift for him together, Hubby pretty much got nothing for his birthday. At all. I so don’t rock.

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  1. That’s me: I know comic books, but not Long Island, apparently. But comic book knowledge is TOTALLY more useful.

  2. That sucks! Although Nadal lost, so it wouldn’t have been as good.


  3. Maybe people who read comic books have more time than Moms do and visit blogs more frequently. Moms comment more.

  4. That totally sucks about the tennis match! You still rock because it’s really the thought that matters…right???

    Brayden starts preschool on Tuesday too and I am excited for him. I know he will love it but I was working last year and he went to a babysitter so I am somewhat used to leaving him and he has no problem leaving me!

  5. aw dude, i got it all over you. i’ve been living in hubby’s old jeans. comfy! nice! yeah, biiiiiig hole riiiight next to the zipper. have no idea how long it’s been there, but something tells me it’s why hubby stopped wearing them.

    and don’t be jealous of all the comic book geeks! your blog is awesome. (and they have no lives)

    : O

  6. I’m so sorry your plan didn’t work out!

  7. Oh I started Twilight this past Friday as well. I finished the first book the same day and then I read the second, New Moon, from Saturday night till yesterday. So much for studying for my first biology exam tonight! LOL …. I’m reading #3 now. Hope you enjoy them!

  8. re:the hole in the pants… I caught myself saying out loud before we left the house, “hold on, let me make sure I dont look ridiculous.” I guess looking good was just too high of a standard? Now, “not ridiculous” will do.

    That sucks about the bday gift! Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

  9. Aggg! Twilight. I guess we’ll see ya next week sometime after you have inhaled the entire series WHOLE!

    As far as the husband with the blog that gets crazy-freaky stats?… Yeah. Dadguy started a developer blog for the application he made for the new iPhone. Dude. Yeah. On TOP of that he’s gotten a freakin’ JOB OFFER from his blog and app.

  10. My brother plays Viva Forever by the Spice Girls whenever he comes over, which is ALL THE TIME.
    Do you really want thousands of comic book fans coming to your website every day? Maybe you do. I dunno.

  11. You SO don’t suck.

  12. You still rock. You totally do.

    “Robby can walk!” That is awesome. And crazy. And awesome.

    Also, I don’t know if you read my reply to your comment on “Really?” but I replied. In a nutshell, I suck.

  13. Hey, that sounds like something my hubby would do. In fact, I’m sure he would like to visit the comic book blog. Don’t worry I think your blog is the best! Congrats Robby!

  14. Hey, I also wanted to say that geek blogs will always win. (And I say geek with the greatest affection. I proudly call my husband a geek. If he started a computer blog I’m sure it would kick my blogs butt in about two seconds.) But they will rarely make the connections that we do. We mamas, we’re deep. :)

  15. Sounds like things are going ok… I don’t know, the spice girls dance party did it for me!

  16. OH GOD I have blog envy. 2000 hits? I’d wonder if I had some random overtaking of my blog or something if that ever happened. And I have been sent books to review but frankly I have one sitting here I’ve had since June that I’m still working on (it’s good ! it is! but I’ve been busy) so I think they’ve crossed me off of their list.

    Do you LOVE Twilight? I do. I have an Edward Cullen fanclub tshirt that I got a few years ago when I bought the second book. Geeky, much?

  17. so what’s his blog???? I see no link.

  18. omg….I think I said “oh no” one too many times during this post!
    Except for Robby walking and Sam starting preschool! Good luck you too….and forget that blog readers stealing hubby of yours. Blog for yourself!

  19. OK, my husband, comic book geek extraordinaire, wants to know where to find your husband’s blog.

    I just want to know how he managed to get so much notice and traffic so fast? Serious blog envy here – I want to know the secret!

    (And DUDE, the VS saleswoman was so rude! I can’t believe someone would be that obnoxious to a customer!)

  20. [...] it when I gave it to him. I have yet to top this gift. I might have come close had we actually been able to attend the US [...]