Wordless Wednesday – From Where He Stands

This was Sam’s first time with the camera. Of course, I find them fascinating and gorgeous.

Give me a break. He’s my son.


robby's hair



cop car

cop cars

mommys eyes

14 Responses

  1. Can Sam come give me some photography lessons?

  2. I was wondering if he might need his own camera for Christmas. I hear they are pretty durable.

  3. Wow, those are actually pretty good! Audrey has a Fisher-Price camera that she got last year. It doesn’t take great pictures, but she absolutely loves it.

  4. wow. he’s totally got an eye!

  5. Well, he’s not my kid, and I think they are fascinating too!

  6. I think you have a future photographer on your hands :)

  7. Good Job Sam, Lucas’s picture are usually of the counter or my foot.


  8. I like seeing pictures from kids! Their perspective is different.

  9. Beth? The kid has promise as a photographer. REALLY! Even if he was just wildly pointing and shooting… he did it WELL!

  10. I love kids with cameras!


  11. Your gorgeous son is better with a camera than I am :)

  12. i love the pictures my kids take. my sister gave them her old digital camera and they LOVE it!!
    take him to a park and see what he comes up with – you’ll be totally amazed!!

  13. I agree, I think the pics are pretty artistic too. And so cool to see his perspective!

  14. You almost inspired me to let my 4 year old have a crack at the camera. With the operative words being “crack” and “camera,” which is exactly why I’m not yet ready to do it….