You Capture – Perspective – “Landscape”

I have to say, I feel like I’ve really captured our daily lives in these photos. Typically I’m frustrated by the constant mess in our home. I wish I could say what’s on our floor here is out of the ordinary, but it’s really not. Somehow when I look at these though, it doesn’t seem like such a mess, but rather a sign of children at play. And each night we clean it up together, as well as several times throughout the day, and start over again the next morning.

Why is Robby shirtless? Don’t ask. It involves drool and splashing water in the kitchen sink…



To see more You Capture participants or to get in on it yourself, head on over to I Should Be Folding Laundry. The theme this week is “Perspective.

21 Responses

  1. Great shot !

  2. You’re right! It does look less cluttered and more fun from that perspective. Too bad I can’t stay at that level all day long!

  3. oh… i remember these days.

  4. I love the pic and how the little one looks so far away in the 1st picture. Great job!

  5. Ah, looks just like my house, except I don’t have such a fabulous window! Great perspective capture!!

  6. Love the photo especially of your son in the window. So cute!

  7. Great shot !

  8. The funniest (and most like my toddler) thing I spotted was two different colored socks! Great job on capturing the perspective of life w/ toddlers—a block strewn floor is a given!

  9. What a great picture. It helps remind me that messes are actually okay because they are the result of endless adventures that my children are embarking on.

    I think Robby is so incredibly cute!! I love the fact that he is walking around shirtless!! My daughter kept pointing to him so I think that she may have a secret crush started …..

  10. Mary at Musingsofthesixties

    Very interesting perspective. I’ll feel like I’m a toy waiting to see if that charming boy will pick me to play with. Nice job!

  11. Oh I just LOVE this shot…….I’d give anything to see a shot of YOU taking this photo!!! :D Great idea!!

  12. So fun to get down on the floor and get up-close to our kids. Great shots!

  13. Great capture—and it’s against the light, too.


  14. I think I’m going to love seeing all these posts! I like your perspective very much! And yes- love the lighting!

  15. Ha! I don’t even notice anymore when they are wearing different colored socks – it’s just a given. The two of them basically just split pairs each morning:)

  16. I always have to remind myself that one day when my kids are grown and living their own lives I will miss all the toys and everything lying around that is a part of this time in their lives.

    Did Robby get a haircut? He looks really grown up here and I thought maybe that might be why.

  17. Your living room looks like a great place to play – I love your huge window. Great perspective. We had our Jenga blocks out last week, only once did we use them to play the game. :-)

  18. love that…GREAT job!!!!

  19. My floor looks like that every day. My husband was home for about two months while looking for a job, and the first few days he had a hard time adjusting to the clutter/mess. I told him he was welcome to clean it up if it bothered him, but I preferred to do it once, at the end of the day. He was used to coming home in the evening when it was all picked up. After a few days of seeing how any efforts to pick stuff up would be undone within minutes helped him see the benefits to my way of doing things. :)

  20. rosellafan (Paula)

    great perspective and wonderful shots…

    rosellafan (Paula)

  21. Great photos! and love that he is shirtless with his jeans — too cute!