You Capture Week 4 – Bright Shadow

It’s week 4 of I Should Be Folding Laundry‘s “You Capture” Photo Challenge. The theme this week is Shadow.

When I first found out what the theme was I wasn’t sure if I would participate, and I’m not sure why. Shadow…darkness…something about it. But what I then realized was that in order to find great shadow you have to have great light. So yesterday when the sun was out I found myself snapping shots of Robby with my phone before running inside to get the camera.

I ended up really liking this challenge mainly because it allowed me to notice things that are often overlooked. Be sure to head on over to (other) Beth’s to see more participants.

fence shadow

tree shadow

robby shadow

17 Responses

  1. I love the last photo – it just screams ‘spring’!

  2. I am always one step behind in doing these photo challenges! I did get some cute ones of Henry w/ polka dot shadows yesterday, but I won’t pretend like I planned that! ;-) Love the idea of shadows as a theme. Love the geometry in the top one and all that soft, blonde hair in the bottom one!

  3. These are beautiful and I felt the same way- love that there is light involved! : )


  4. you did great, these are fabulous! my favorite was the fence…

  5. My favorite is the fence too, but they’re all great!

  6. The last one is definitely my favorite! It makes me think of spring and soft little hair.

  7. Beautiful job! Love the trees and love the last photo with the promise of spring and the and the curls ;)

    the first one is awesome.
    and the last one is cute, springy and I love it. :)

    Good job!

  9. I love that fence shot- way cool!

  10. Love the “long walk”……. aka fence shot

    very nice………..

  11. I love these pictures, especially the fence pic.

  12. you did such a great job. love the little man and his shadow.

  13. Awesome. You did a great job.

  14. Those turned out great! I love the one of the fence!

  15. You make me so envious that you can be outside in that gorgeous sunshine! Here we are getting either snow or rain so getting a chance at a shadow outside is next to impossible.

    Great photos!! I can’t believe how your little men are growing up so fast!

  16. Hey, I love your shadows and that they were outside! I really like the first one, great composition. I still find myself looking for shadows – time to switch gears.

  17. cool shots!