Who’s That?

It’s “Dress As Your Favorite Book Character” day at Sam’s school. Anyone want to take a guess at who he is?


I can’t believe we had all the materials for this just in our house (you gotta love pipe cleaners), and that he actually chose a character we could put together with some good old fashioned family effort. He’s very excited.

14 Responses

  1. Waldo! so cute! very impressive.

  2. I’m very impressed too- that you had everything at home and did the ‘whole crafty mom’ thing !

    I love it when that happens!

  3. He looks adorable–I love how proud he is of himself (as well he should be). Now we know Where’s Waldo.

  4. Gah, the cuteness is killing me! Looks like he couldn’t be prouder, too! Great idea and kudos to you for making it happen.

  5. Oh, he’s gotta be Waldo, for sure! How cute! What a fun idea!

  6. What an adorable Waldo! I love the little dude scrambling to get in on the picture too.

  7. He was an adorable Waldo today. He took off his hat and glasses before recess so they wouldn’t get “dough-ty.” Cute!

  8. So I have to know. Did you have the hat and jacket? Or did you make it? If so you are awesome. You are awesome anyway!

  9. The big grin on his face is too cute!

  10. aww! so cute! little waldo. what a cool idea for a school day!

  11. You can tell he totally loves it! good job!

  12. Great work on your Waldo! He’s so excited!

  13. so adorable. as soon as the picture popped up in my reader — I yelled ‘where’s waldo’

  14. Wait, where is he? I don’t see Sam….


    I know. Sometimes I crack myself up juuuuust a bit tooooo much.

    Evan would LOVE this costume. He collects WAldo books.