Goodbye “Ha”

When we woke up this morning, “Ha” was gone. In its place was a well-pronounced “Yeah.” Am I sad to see it go? Ha, oh ha.

There’s still one context in which I get to hear “Ha,” and that’s here (and I’ll warn family that we’re about to talk about my nummies, so this might be a bit too much info):

“Dat nummy no more mook!”

We switch sides.

“Dis nummy ha mook.”

But during our visit to a farm this morning, when I asked if he liked the chickens, he said “Yeah!”

When I asked if he thought the caterpillar was beautiful, again, a resounding “Yeah!”

9 Responses

  1. I think it’s cool that you’re still nursing. :)

    I’m kind of sad about “goodbye, ha,” too… Sigh… That was adorable.

  2. That’s why we write them down. Justin used to argue with me that “water” was actually “ya ya”. He’d INSIST and it was freakin adorable. Why’d I push him to stop saying it?!? :(

  3. Ha, that’s bittersweet.

  4. I’m so sorry “ha” is gone. It’s so sad when they learn the correct way to say things. By the way, I LOVE his curls! Both of my boys had curls and I didn’t cut their hair until they were past the age of 2. So sweet. Now that I have a girl, I’m looking forward to seeing what her hair does. Your boys are so precious!

  5. My little guy used to say Raah, then one day it was yes.

  6. That is the cutest!!

  7. Oh, Robby. He is so cute. “Ha” will forever be in your family lexicon.

    My brother used to say “ses” for yes.

    We still use it sometimes, when the family gathers and reminiscing goes wild.

  8. What adorable pictures! So cute.

  9. [...] Robby and I visited the farm the other week they were using these as watering cans for the kids. Totally cute and great, right? [...]