75 and Sunny

Behold, potentially one of the best photos of Robby ever:

robby portrait

(SOOC (straight out of camera) – Am I supposed to tell you that? I saw that on a blog recently. I never edit any of my photos, so am I supposed to say that for every photo I post? Surely not . . .)

Behold, two boys, a water table, and a hose, creating what they were referring to as an “EXTREME waterfall!”:




magnolia, water table 034





serious boys


Behold, one of my favorite things about our house – two Tulip Magnolias that flank our driveway:





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  1. I RARELY edit photos (any more than cropping them and/or making horizons straight, and I don’t like having to do the latter). That said, when I get a REALLY FABULOUS one, I am tempted to say I did nothin’ to it at all. :) Conversely, on the rare occasion I do edit, I feel compelled to say I changed the exposure a little or whatever, because it feels like CHEATING (for me) to do so.

  2. Most of the time, people state SOOC if it’s an unprocessed RAW photo since they’re really dull coming out- they haven’t had the white balance adjusted, etc. OR, if they overly process their photos and are embarrassed! LOL

  3. Sweet boys and sweet blooms! Extreme waterfalls sound extremely fun. =>

  4. Awwwww…

  5. Mmmm. I can almost smell the blossoms. And I love photos of little brudders.

    Great photos, all around. I noticed the SOOC thing recently, too, and almost noted the virgin state of the photos in my last post.

  6. Your pictures are so excellent you don’t need to edit. That one of Robby is excellent but I’m kind of partial to the serious one. I don’t know why I love serious pictures of kids. I think because it’s a glimpse into what they’ll look like as an adult.

    Those trees are gorgeous. I would LOVE them.

  7. Wow, they’re getting so big! That’s a great pic of Robby, well they’re all great. I’m addicted to tweaking my photos, but if I happen to have a good one that needs no editing, then I’ll point out that it’s SOOC. Are you sure you didn’t edit that last one of the tree? I love it – beautiful tree and lighting!

  8. Oh your tulip magnolias are beautiful!! (and the kids aren’t too bad either;-)

    You know it’s really spring when the hose comes outt!

  9. SUPER cute!

  10. That serious picture of Robby is a serious contender for best ever too!

  11. WOW- SOOC :)
    Your kids are SO cute :)
    (I always ‘edit/enhance/vary saturation/etc. on photos :)

    as always,

  12. Those are GREAT pictures! And the EXTREME WATERFALL (because I don’t think you can say it without caps, right?), looks like a lot of fun.

  13. Oh your boys are too cute. Loving the nice weather (except for today-YUCK). And I am envious of those beautiful trees. They are gorgeous!

  14. Love this. What cuties. And I learned something! SOOC. Who knew? :=)