We’re having a birthday here this week. How is it possible that my baby is about to turn five? It seems like not so long ago that he looked like this:

robin babies

Ok, maybe not just like that.

This is still my favorite collection of photos from his earlier years.

And now here he is – very little that is still baby-like . . .


sam bed hair

sam on hayride


And even that last one is from nearly a year ago. It almost doesn’t count.

And starting tomorrow, I’ll be the mom of a five-year-old. .  . with a son who’s getting ready for kindergarten . . .

7 Responses

  1. Happy birthday, Sam! I think 5 is a big deal. But so much fun! Enjoy your big kid!

  2. oh! sam’s gotten so big!!!!

    happy birthday to you both. oh how i love 5 years old. it has been a great year for us. my baby turns SIX this summer! what the what?

    and yay! our birdies are out, too. check it : http://www.thecleanplateclub.net/2010/05/babies.html

  3. Oh, those baby birds … So, so amazingly tiny and beautiful! And how do our own little hatchlings grow so fast? Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy!

  4. Happy birthday, Sam! Love your hair :)

  5. Happy Birthday Sam! I’m sure you were way cuter than those baby birds!

  6. Aw, happy birthday!!! And my little one is almost 5. It makes me so sad. I absolutely love 4, and I’m almost done with 4 forever.

  7. Oh Sam! You are so grown up. Not unlike another person I know who lives with me. Kindergarten. Wow.