Return of the No More Nap

Much to my horror, Robby did not nap today and then made it through the day relatively unscathed. Normally a lack of nap would have resulted in major meltdowns sometime around dinner or possibly before. But no, he was going all afternoon and into the evening. He didn’t even go to bed much earlier than usual. Any parent of a child who has stopped napping surely knows the hideous fate that awaits.

What on earth am I going to do this summer with one, and very possibly TWO boys who don’t nap during the hot, searing afternoon?! We’re going to be home, together, and awake, apparently, All. Summer. Long.

Mommy needs a nap.

6 Responses

  1. One word: Sprinklers. ;)
    (Robby did better than I did, I needed a nap!)

  2. Ohh. That is always a painful moment. It does seem like younger siblings give up the nap earlier than firsties. I think they realize there is stuff going on when they are sleeping. For what its worth, we always have quiet time now that naps are gone.

  3. No more nap = “quiet time” in your room! That’s the only way I make it through the day sometimes. =)

  4. No, no, no! It’s ok! I swear! It’s actually GOOD when they finally give it up, because your afternoons aren’t tied to the house anymore. Swear to God. You’ll love it by August.

  5. I am nearly the same fate. I will be here for you. Also not napping. Sigh.

  6. Although I’m still 6 months from the non napping (I hope), I am also not looking forward to it. Although I think Tracey has a very valid comment about not being tied to the house. I am looking forward to not having to plan everything in the morning.