From Dirt To Dinner – Berry Style

strawberry haul We’ve had a lot of strawberries in our house over the course of the past 3 weeks.

And one favorite recipe from many (other than just eating or slicing them over vanilla ice cream…mmmmmm…) was this one for Whole Wheat Strawberry Pancakes. Indeed, I’ve made them twice. And I wish I had recorded it when everyone at the table had their first bite because I think Sam might have actually screamed. Like, loudly. And then everyone told me how much they loved me. And how I am “The Best.” So of course I made them twice.

This is Sam giving me the flashing double thumbs up, the highest possible food rating in our house.

sam and pancakes

I often make pancakes that have some combination of whole wheat and all purpose flour, but I love that this recipe calls for 100% whole wheat. Something about having the fresh strawberries in there changes it up enough that they don’t feel too dense or heavy. They’re quite yummy and I feel like on the whole, they make for a pretty healthy breakfast too. Well, except maybe if you put as much syrup on them as my husband does.

strawberry pancakes

On the local front, we picked all those berries ourselves from an organic farm nearby, Willow Creek Orchards. The whole wheat flour was from Daisy Mill and purchased through our buying club, as were the milk, butter, egg, and maple syrup. I used a full cup of regular milk instead of buttermilk, and used ground flax instead of wheat bran.

Once those main ingredients are accounted for, I’m basically left to the same non-local list I had when I made the rhubarb muffins. It’s some of the baking basics: salt, baking powder, baking soda, and I used cinnamon in place of the allspice. I’m hoping that as I run out of these items I’ll be able to replace them with at least slightly more local alternatives, but really I have no clue as to how one finds local baking powder, you know? It seems wasteful to replace them before I’m through each bottle though, so I guess I have some time to figure that out. And I vaguely remember them having this problem in the book “Plenty,” so at least I’m not the only one who has trouble here.

Anyone else been using local berries lately? If so, join on in and share a link. Please read a little more about what to include in your post for From Dirt To Dinner here.

And coming up on July 2nd we’ve got BEETS!

6 Responses

  1. OMGOSH! How funny!
    I made a breakfast food as well! LOL
    LOVE strawberries and esp LOVE using whole grains.
    Your pancakes looks delicious. Mmmmm

    My recipe is posted on my recipe blog here:

  2. thanks for adding my link. i’m so lame! the bighugeproject htat has been running my life is done this weekend, so i should have som e of my brain back after that.

    and you cakes look AWESOME!!!!!! yay!

  3. Those look delicious (can’t beat the two-thumbs-up approval rating), and I love that their 100% whole wheat. Will definitely be giving these a taste test at our house.

  4. Oh, dear. I’m going to claim newborn-induced sleep deprivation and not feel too embarrassed that I typed “their” instead of “they’re.” Off to nap, if the kiddos will allow it. =>

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