From Dirt To Dinner – Tomato Love

I know. I was supposed to talk about tomatoes. Like 2 weeks ago. And the thing is, we’ve been eating a ton of tomatoes. Seriously. And there have been several meals that I would have deemed “post-worthy.” But again, the thing is, it’s summer. And August is nuts over here.

We’ve got two birthdays in our family in August – Robby turned three and Hubby turned . . . my age. We went to the shore for a week. I even took my tomatoes from our garden and the peaches from our CSA with us. We ate peaches every morning. We sliced tomatoes on everything. Oh, and then there was my wonderful and amazing Mom does LA on her own weekend. And that was great and everyone survived without me just fine. Clearly I’m totally dispensable. I expect to be let go any day now.

Plus we are on the brink of adding to our family. Let me be more clear lest you misunderstand. We are on the brink of adding a four-legged addition to our family. More on that later, I’m sure. But it’s not for a tomato post.

No, for my tomato post, I think part of my severe procrastination has been due to some minor gardening insecurity I’m feeling. I’ve lost a lot of tomatoes this summer. Several Brandywines had blossom end rot. I tried to rectify that, and I think I did. But now I have a chipmunk problem. And the little bastards are getting them just as they start to ripen. They break a hole in my lovely fruits and suck the freaking life out of them, and they’re driving me nuts. Get it? Chipmunks…nuts…ok.

We’ve had a lot of tomatoes that made it, don’t get me wrong, but it hasn’t been tons, so I’m feeling rather down. I have a zucchini plant with a powdery mildew problem. Chipmunks are leaving little poop gifts for me in the remnants of my heirloom tomatoes. My pepper plants are falling over and need to be restaked. It’s kind of a mess, a big garden mess.

And yet, for dinner last night we had a meal that consisted almost entirely of food from our yard, so I’ll try and focus on that. A dozen roasted peppers of various colors, a few lovely Brandywines rescued before being snatched away by the vermin, about a pint of mixed cherry tomato varieties, basil from one of several plants that are doing well, and the garlic I planted last fall that has officially been harvested and cured – all of these mixed with some chopped olives and olive oil and baked in a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes.

I served the concoction with some pizza dough I made from Daisy Mill flours and baked on its own to make a crispy flatbread type of thing, and then topped that with a little crumbled goat cheese. And it was yum. And I grew most of it. So I’ll just keep telling myself that as I clip away at the squash leaves and turn over what I expect to be a beautiful tomato on the vine only to find out the other side is completely demolished.

They’re such little bastards.

Got tomatoes? Where from? And what are you doing with them?

4 Responses

  1. Oh dang! I could have actually participated in this one. I have been enjoying our local farm fresh tomatoes – often with mozzarella and basil.

    Gardening is definitely a gamble. Can you imagine those farmers who are depending on it for their livelihood? The owners of the farm near our house that I frequent told me that they are glad to bid farewell to 2010. It’s been a hard year for gardeners of all sizes. :-)

    Glad you’re still able to enjoy some of the fruits of your labors. Pun intended! ;-)

  2. Our tomato plants where great all summer, but just recently they kinda fizzled so sadly I am back to tomatoes NOT grown on our back porch. I enjoyed reading your post. Your title caught my eye because I am headed to the salon on Friday for a total mom haircut!

  3. God I love food.

  4. Tomatos, I put them in many of my dishes. Last night I added them to onions, green pepper, sucinni and yellow squash. I add sliced tomatos to my pizza. My stews and curries have tomatos. If tomatos are really fresh from the garden I eat them like apples with salt and pepper. My favorite salads contain tomatos.