It Could Be Worse

I was standing in the vet’s office this morning feeling rather sorry for myself. It was only 10:30am and already the day had succeeded in being utterly horrible and disgusting, filled with yelling and rushing the kids and extensive amounts of dog vomit. So I was very much thinking that things just kind of sucked, like the rest of the day just could not be faced.

Then one of the nurses came up front carrying a small box and a clear envelope that had a small amount of hair clippings in it. She asked the receptionist if she knew where the urns were.

So I guess this day could have been a whole lot worse.

5 Responses

  1. Sorry you are feeling so “down”. Winter is not your best season.

  2. It can always be worse. ALWAYS.

    That said, I understand. Especially in Jan-Feb. Drink some OJ, sit in the sunshine, pop some vitamin D and get some sleep. This season is halfway over and everything’s better in the springtime.

  3. I try to think of how things could be worse. Of course I don’t always do… and those types of reminders seem to slap in the face!

    Hope your doggie is feeling better.

  4. Our pets are such good friends. Hope yours is on the mend (and you, too!).

  5. Those days do feel bad. xo