What’s ‘is Name?

I think Sam may have named the baby the other day. We were talking about when his brother would arrive – “In about six weeks.”

“But are you counting today?”


“Are you counting the day he is born?”


“So really it’s less than six weeks. It’s more like five weeks . . .”

Sam is a very literal, very specific child.

Anyway, during this discussion he referred to his brother by a name. It was one we’ve discussed, all of us, over the past few weeks. It was one that is on the narrowed down “potential name list.” I guess he just chose the one he liked the most and went with it.

Then a day later, Robby started doing the same thing. So now when they talk about our family’s baby, he is not nameless anymore, not “the baby,” or “our brother.” He is very specifically, very decidedly named.

And while I’m not ready to commit to it just yet (we usually try and have a few names in mind until we meet our baby, and then we just trust that we’ll know what his name is), I can say that I just found myself on a table watching an ultrasound take place, and thinking of this boy by that name. The name his brothers have given him. This baby who already has fat roles that are clearly visible (I told you he was freaking huge) and a head of hair that is also visible, had a name in my mind, too.

And his brothers are ready to greet him and tell him what it is.

sam and robby

See, they’re ready.

crazy sam and robby

In about six weeks . . . or maybe it’s more like five.

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  1. Hello?!?! How did you fall off of my google reader thingy?!? And how did I not know you were pregnant?? I blame Bloglines and having to switch from them to Google and I am SO SORRY I lost you, Beth! And am so glad you commented so I could find you again.

    Congratulations!! 3 little boys! How wonderful, Beth. I hope you’re feeling well and that the 6 weeks fly by for you.

  2. Not even a hint at what that name might be?

  3. Oh, I love it! When I was pregnant with Ivy- before finding out if she was a boy or girl, I just KNEW her name, and that had never happened with us. We like to “meet” our babies, too. But I just knew that baby’s name was Ivy then I got worried it was going to be a boy and then I would be WAY off LOL.


  4. Look at those big brother faces! They’re ready to hug him and love him and teach him about tractors and dirt. =>

  5. I am so happy to see you back in my reader. I’m even happier at your news! Congratulations! Can’t wait to find out this mystery name.

    Have they measured him and told you that he’s huge or are they just going by your size? I only ask this because I was HUGE when I was pregnant with Shorty and the day I went for delivery the doctor and nurses thought he was going to be over 9 pounds. He was still very high when they induced and the doctor thought maybe he couldn’t drop because he was too big and warned me that if I didn’t progress they would do a c-section. He was born four hours later (not by c-section) and was only 7lbs, 13 oz.

    Congrats and again and I can’t wait to ‘meet’ this new little boy.

  6. Your boys are so cute! I can’t wait to hear the name!!!!!

  7. I also wasn’t ready to fully commit to either of my sons’ names until after they were born- just in case they didn’t look like the name we were planning for them :b

  8. Those pictures are gorgeous. Your boys are gorgeous. And soon, you’ll have THREE gorgeous boys. So happy for you. Bell just saw the pictures and said, “I like those boys, I want to see the boys again.” because I’d come to this page to comment. I can’t wait to see the new boy and hear his name. :)

  9. You will definately have to go with what the boys are calling him, it’s so cute that they like it so much. Good luck with delivery, I can’t wait to check back and see what you named him!


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