They Win

We named him Matthew, just what his brothers wanted.


all the boys

matthew's car ride

three brothers

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  1. Congratulations! He’s beautiful!

  2. Congrats. He is so beautiful and totally alert.

  3. He’s sooooo cute!!!! Those cheeks! Your big boys look so proud :)

  4. Congratulations, Beth and Sam and Robby (and your husband). Matthew is so beautiful! I hope it was an easier labour Beth. I’ve missed reading about your life. I’ve done lots in my garden this year. Not sure if you have any time for gardening, but I hope you are doing well.


  5. Oh my goodness I love him! Congrats!!!


  6. Ohhhh…. He’s so sweet! And Matthew fits in really well with his brothers’ names. Congratulations!!!

  7. He is beautiful!! Look at those gorgeous, alert little baby eyes! Congrats to you, Beth!!

  8. YEA! Congratulations — enjoy. He’s beautiful.

  9. I saw your announcement at FB. So happy for you, Beth. Matthew is beautiful. His eyes are very soulful. I know he’s already changed since you posted this pics. Newborns know how to grow. You have a lovely family.

  10. Look at all your boys!!! What a gorgeous family you have! Congratulations, Matthew is beautiful. *Also I love that chair he’s in!

  11. My oldest name my middle son, and they, in turn, named the third. That’s just how it works! (good thing they all picked good names).

    He’s adorable! Congratulations to you all. I’m glad you’re all healthy and happy.

  12. Congratulations! He is just perfect and I love that classic name. There isn’t a Matt I didn’t adore.

  13. Oh my word! See what happens when I go away from the Internet for too long. Congratulations Beth and family. He’s beautiful! The boys picked a terrific name. I hope you’re doing well and settling into life with three kids. I think of you often.

  14. Hi Beth,
    I just wanted to let you know I still drop by now and then to see if there is any new news. I hope you and the boys are doing amazing things every day and your house is full of love and laughter.

    Thinking of you,

  15. I appreciate that, Lora. You must have sensed that I was about to come back to it, since it looks like you just wrote this not long ago. You read my mind, or at least knew I should be starting to feel the itch right around now. How the hell are you?