A Mom to Three Boys

Last night I was telling my husband that I was afraid that I am going to forget this. I’m afraid that, in a few years, I’ll not remember what a sweet baby Matthew is, how happy he is, how often he smiles.  Because I don’t feel like I remember enough about Robby’s infancy, and now he’s so big! And the time four years ago seems like a haze, similar to the way the days feel right now.

So I spent some time reading last night, reading right here, on this old little blog I had. And I saw pictures I’d forgotten existed and stories about Robby and Sam that I didn’t remember at all. Little notes about our days that were all part of that hazy time.

And I realized I should start again, for no other reason than to document what is happening here with a new addition to our family and three boys who get older each day.

boys on a rug

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  1. I love it. This makes me so happy. There is SO much I do not remember and it kills me, but there is much I did remember to write down. That surprises me still. I was at a baby shower yesterday and everyone was talking about how they don’t do baby books and don’t remember when their first steps were, etc. I remember searching my blog for that info and I had it for Gray! I’m glad you’re here.


  2. Hey Steph! You’re so super speedy, just like I remember:)

    You know, it was just such a relief! And I was just like, how incredible is it that I have this and always will?! I’m not good about baby books at all, but when I took a moment to see what I had documented it just made me so happy. I feel like now I really can start again just for myself and our family, and for the friends I made here. And thankfully some of you are still around.

  3. So glad you are going to be doing a blog again

  4. Sweet picture of your sweet boys! I know, I just love looking back at posts that I absolutely don’t even remember writing. What gems came out of those kids’ mouths! I didn’t even BUY a baby book for my little guy…

  5. ABSOLUTELY! That is exactly why I started my blog and exactly why I continue it when I feel a little burned out. The stories aren’t just stories: They’re our LIFE.

    The boys are SO CUTE. They are just darling.

  6. What beautiful boys you have! I was looking at seed magazines the other day and it made me think of you and wondering what you will be gardening this summer. Glad to get an update on your boys too. I’ve been trying to blog once a month, but it can be a challenge, but like you said it’s important because life flies by so fast.


  7. yay! so good that you are back! i can’t believe how long it’s been since i blogged. i feel like facebook somehow replaced it. sad.

    your boys are SO CUTE!

  8. So glad to “see” your voice again! (Is it okay to selfishly be glad you’re back in the blogosphere, nevermind that you’re capturing your beautiful family’s stories??)

  9. I feel the same way and yet I am having a hell of a time to start up again. You are inspiring me though!

  10. Great post! And your boys are adorable! It’s great how these types of mom blog nyc can help you remember the days that flew by and help other moms who read the posts and stories. While I don’t blog myself, I love reading the blogs written by other moms who have been there. One of my favorites is Young Urban Moms. They have great stories, tips, and ideas. I find I’m on there all the time. You should take a look.